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The Audacity

Yae Chan Lee

Photo by CasPhotography/iStock / Getty Images

The Audacity

Moses Lee

The Audacity began as a reaction to the lack of a creative platform on campus that was both inclusive and diverse in terms of gender, race, and content. Erin Kuykendall and I wanted to start a publication that would be a platform for local artists, activists, and storytellers. From the start, we knew that we wanted to discuss topics that were usually considered taboo. We felt that it was only appropriate that we give the publication a name that reflected our “audacity” to speak out about important issues. Many of our photo shoots are a direct reaction to current events, such as Black Lives Matter and the destruction of cultural heritage by ISIS. Additionally, we now include art, poetry, and essays from local or independent artists, making sure the art community is given the representation it deserves. As our readership and local presence began to grow, our ambition followed suit. We felt that remaining a campus organization came with excessive restrictions regarding content material and sponsorship. As a result, this summer we will be filing an LLC to take The Audacity to a wider audience, leaving the safety of our university, and launching as a legal business. Though both exciting and daunting, we are looking forward to how this magazine will continue to grow alongside our audience and local community.