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Let’s Talk About It

Whitney Chen

Let's Talk About It 

Whitney Chen

There is a chance that many of us have misconceptions about “PTSD”. We are often exposed to the term through stories about war veterans, but in fact, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder can develop in anyone, including children. We might also think that it is a symptom of mental illness and people should simply get over traumatic events in life, but it is tough to express anxieties when society often suppresses or looks down on them, especially when we are told to “toughen up,” “grow a pair,” “stop being such a pussy.” Traditional masculine stereotypes supported by historical gender roles perpetuates these social pressures and expectations, which make us believe that if we are not brave, strong, or resilient, we do not exhibit power, rationality, leadership, or control of our emotions.

Let’s Talk About It is a comprehensive visual that shares the effects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) before and after therapy to demonstrate that it is not a sign of weakness, and encourages seeking therapy as a form of healing. The feature animation shows an individual’s struggle with his trauma and how, after therapy, he improves his self-talk and is able to live his daily life managing his flashbacks. Accompanying the animation is a poster that shares traumas from other interviewees. My goal of this project is to normalize the discussion of PTSD and therapy among our society.